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Romance Languages and Literature Major:

In the Romance Languages & Literatures Department we offer majors in French, French and Francophone Studies, Spanish, and Romance Languages & Literature. The major in Romance Languages and Literatures is a demanding program of study for students with a solid background in both French and Spanish. It strives to provide students with a high level of proficiency in two important languages, with broad awareness of cultural contexts in Spanish speaking and Francophone lands, and with keen critical skills for literary and cultural analysis. Ideally, students will engage in cross-cultural study, or studies involving comparative literary approaches. Admission to the program is by application.

Requirements for the Major in Romance Languages & Literature:

A Romance Language major may be designed in cooperation with two advisors from the department, one from each language. Admission to the major will depend on the acceptance, by the department, of a written proposal outlining the student's program of study. The major requires a minimum of 72 credits, including Spanish 205 or 206 and French 309, at least 30 credits in one language and at least 18 in the other and Literary and Cultural Studies 245, with this last course normally taken during the junior year. Courses 101, 102, 103, and 204 do not count toward the major. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in one or more programs of study abroad. During their senior year students write an integrative exercise, which they may accomplish under one or the other of the models designed by the French and Spanish programs (see these programs for a full description, or consult with the department).

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