Psychology 259: Social Cognition Laboratory

Neil Lutsky, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology, Carleton College
Olin 111, x4379, e-mail:

Lab Assistant: Addie Honeycutt (honeycua)

Psychology 259 is intended to introduce you to general issues in research in social cognition and to selected examples of the phenomena social psychologists study, the research questions they pose, and the research methods they employ. Its means is to give you hands-on experience designing, executing, and reporting empirical studies in social cognition. The list of topics and readings below indicates what in social cognition we will be exploring. The requirements for this two-credit course include the following: attendance at laboratory sessions; completion in a timely matter of assigned readings; participation as researchers in the design and execution of course projects; and preparation of two laboratory reports, one in the form of a poster and the other in the form of a paper.

Laboratory Topic, Activity, and Reading Schedule:

April 2, 2008