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European Union, Governments, and International Organizations

 ·  European Union in the U.S. Easy to use guide to the EU for the uninitiated.  ·  EUROPA - The Official Server of the European Union An extensive page with links to all the major EU institutions and national governments.
 ·  The European Voice The newspaper of the European Union.  ·  Eurostat The statistical service of the European Union. Extensive data base on society and economy of the EU-15.
 ·  Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Most of the membership is European. Contains statistics and policy documents on the membership.  ·  International Labour Organisation Contains information on labor standards and other statistics for European and other countries.
 ·  All the European governments on the web  ·  All parliaments on the web
 ·  EU Institute for Security Studies The architects of Europe's new security and defense policies.

European Studies Associations and Research Institutes

 ·  European Union Studies Association The premier studies association for the study of the European Union.  ·  European Community Scholars Association The premier studies association for the study of the European Union.
 ·  Council for European Studies A cross-disciplinary consortium of North American universities and colleges that focuses on European Studies. Contains research links and fellowship information. Based at Columbia University.  ·  European Consortium for Political Research A private, scholarly association representing European political scientists. Includes information on publications and other scholarly material on European politics.
 ·  European Elections Studies Summary of studies on European elections since 1979. Contains useful bibliographies on each election.  ·  Center for European Studies at the University of Wisconsin Contains a useful list of European Studies centers in U.S. and Europe. Also see the European Studies Alliance.
 ·  Centre for European Policy Studies Leading thinktank on European politics and policy. Based in Brussels.  ·  Max-Planck-Institut for the Study of Societies Leading German thinktank.
 ·  U.K. and Other European Thinktanks list.  ·  Juan March Institute (Spain) CEACS is one of the best social science centers in Europe. Great library with on-line paper series.
 ·  Centre for Economic Policy Research A network of almost 500 research fellows and affiliates based in European universities.  ·  European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) Research facilities on the European Union with libraries in Maastricht and Barcelona.

European Electoral Data and Institutional Databases

 ·  Election World Database  ·  Elections and Electoral Systems Database
 ·  Lijphart Elections Archive  ·  Official Webpages of All Governments on the Planet
 ·  Inter-Parliamentary Union Links to All Parliaments  ·  International Foundations for Election Systems
 ·  University of Essex Database on East European Electoral Systems

European Studies Journals and Databases

(Access to these journals and databases off-campus is available to Carleton students through the on-line authentication page NOTE: This list does not include all comparative journals with European content).

 ·  British Journal of Political Science (Jstor 1971-99)  ·  Comparative European Politics (Proquest 3/03-P *New Journal*)
 ·  Comparative Political Studies (Proquest 1/89-P)  ·  East European Politics and Societies (Proquest 1992-P)
 ·  East European Quarterly (Proquest 1994-P; Academic Search Premier (ASP) 1996-P)  ·  Economic Survey of Europe (ASP 1991-98)
 ·  European Journal of Law and Economics (Proquest 1999-12 mo. ago)  ·  European Journal of Political Research (ASP 2002-12 mo. ago)
 ·  European Journal of Social Psychology (ASP 3/71-6 mo. ago)  ·  European Sociological Review (JSTOR 1985-99; Proquest 2000-12 mo. ago)
 ·  German Politics (ASP 4/2000-12 mo. ago)  ·  German Politics and Society (ASP 4/2001-P)
 ·  Government and Opposition (UK) (ASP 10/2003-12 mo. ago)  ·  Industrial and Labor Relations Review (ILR Review) (JSTOR 1947-00; Proquest 1988-01)
 ·  Journal of Common Market Studies (Proquest 9/78-P)  ·  Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics (ASP 3/00-12 mo. ago)
 ·  Journal of European Public Policy (ASP 6/98-12 mo. ago)  ·  Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans (ASP 5/99-12 mo. ago)
 ·  Mediterranean Politics (ASP 3/00-12 mo. ago)  ·  Parliamentary Affairs (Proquest 1997-12 mo. ago)
 ·  Scandinavian Political Studies (ASP 3/99-12 mo. ago; St. Olaf 1966-P hard copies)  ·  Politics and Society (ASP 3/90-P)
 ·  West European Politics (Proquest; 1/00-12 mo. ago)  ·  World Politics (Jstor 1948-04)

European News Resources

 ·  The Economist Solid source of international news and analysis of events.  ·  The Financial Times Perhaps the world's best English language newspaper with excellent coverage of events concerning global political economy.
 ·  The BBC Great global coverage.  ·  Le Monde (France)
 ·  El Pais (Spain)  ·  The Guardian (U.K.)
 ·  Times of London (U.K.)  ·  Die Zeit (Germany)
 ·  Le Figaro (France)  ·  Liberation (France)
 ·  Radio France Internationale (France)  ·  The European Voice (EU)

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