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Other Experiments Investigating Changes in Hemolymph Proteins of M. sexta


Numerous inquiry-based projects that investigate hemolymph proteins can be envisioned. For example, students might think of a treatment for a larvae and design an experiment to determine the effect of treatment on the hemolymph proteins.

  • What effect does starvation have on hemolymph proteins?


  • Do hemolymph proteins differ with the diet of the insect?


  • Do hemolymph proteins change if the insect is subjected to a heat shock or cold shock?


  • Do hemolymph proteins change if the larvae eat bacteria?


  • Do hemolymph proteins change as a pupa ages?



These are just a few of the ideas for student projects based on the simple techniques of hemolymph collection, protein concentration determination, and SDS-PAGE.



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March 1999