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We have pulled together several categories of links to provide a wide range of starting points for further investigation. Below are links to pages of scientists who have used Manduca sexta in their research. If you know of other M. sexta researchers with web pages, please email Sarah Deel (


Nancy E. Beckage, Entomology, U. of California, Riverside
studies the relationship of a parasitic wasp with M. sexta.

Govindan Bhaskaran, Biology, Texas A&M
studies hormone control of metamorphosis.

Walter E. Bollenbacher, Biology, U. North Carolina Chapel Hill
studies hormonal and nervous system interaction with insect development.

Ronald Booker, Neurobiology and Behavior, Cornell U.
studies the neural basis of behavior.

Lee Bulla, Biology, U. of Texas, Dallas
studies a receptor protein to a bacterial toxin.

Philip F. Copenhaver, Neuroscience, Oregon Health Sciences U.
studies the mechanisms that control neuronal migration.

Karl H. Dahm, Biology, Texas A&M
studies insect hormones, particularly in development.

Jan Dolzer, Biology, University of Marburg, Germany
studies chemoreception in the hawkmoth.

Susan E. Fahrbach, Entomology, U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
studies the hormone regulation of neural development

John G. Hildebrand, Neurobiology, Arizona Research Labs, U. of Arizona
studies many different aspects of the insect nervous system.

Frank M. Horodyski, Neurobiology, Ohio U.
studies neuroendocrine control of insect development and metamorphosis.

Kathleen L. Horwath, Biological Sciences, Binghamton U., S.U.N.Y.
studies development in a dermal gland in M. sexta.

Michael R. Kanost, Biochemistry, Kansas S. U.
studies blood proteins in the tobacco hornworm.

Karla S. Kent, Neuroscience, Oregon Health Sciences U.
studies development of the nervous system.

Kathleen Klukas, Entomology, U. of Minnesota
studies long-distance interneurons.

Karl Kramer, Biological Research Unit, Grain Marketing & Production Research Center, Agricultural Research Service, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture
studies the biochemical structure of insect cuticles.

Richard B. Levine, Neurobiology, Arizona Research Labs, U. of Arizona
studies the regulation of neuronal development and function.

David Marcey, Biology, California Lutheran University
studies early development in insects.

Karen A. Mesce, Entomology, U. of Minnesota
studies neural development.

David F. Moffett, Zoology, Washington S.U.
studies ion transport across epithelia.

S. Muthukrishnan, Biochemistry, Kansas State U.
studies plant proteins used as defenses against herbivory, and their effect on M. sexta.

James B. Nardi, Entomology, U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
studies cell- and tissue-level development.

Andrea Novicki, Biology, U. Massachusetts, Boston
studies the neural basis for behavioral change

John E. Rebers, Biology, Northern Michigan U.
studies gene regulation during metamorphosis.

Lynn M. Riddiford, Zoology, U. Washington
studies hormones in insect growth and metamorphosis.

Wendy A. Smith, Biology Dept., Northeastern U., MA
studies a hormone involved in metamorphosis; her page has a nice photo of Larval-Pupal Metamorphosis in Manduca sexta.

S. Nelson Thompson, Entomology, U. of California, Riverside
studies the effects of parasitism on M. sexta.

Leslie P. Tolbert, Neurobiology, Arizona Research Labs, U. of Arizona
studies intercellular interactions in the developing nervous system.

Barry A. Trimmer, Biology, Tufts U.
studies nervous system processing.

Richard G. Vogt, University of South Carolina
studies the development of olfactory systems in the hawk moth. His site has a link to a photo of M. sexta in hovering flight.

Janis Weeks, Neuroscience and Development, Biology, U. Oregon
studies the reorganization of the nervous system during metamorphosis.  

Michael A. Wells, Biochemistry, U. of Arizona
studies insect biochemistry/metabolism.

Elizabeth Willott, Center for Insect Science, Arizona Research Labs, U. of Arizona
studies the role of hemocytes in the immune response.

Joy Winzerling, Nutritional Sciences, U. of Arizona
studies iron and copper metabolism.

Jane L. Witten, Biology, U. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
studies nervous system development, flexibility, and function.



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