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We have pulled together several categories of links to provide a wide range of starting points for further investigation. If you know of other sites we should link, please let Sarah Deel ( know.


On a Wing and a Vortex

This very interesting, accessible article discusses Charles Ellington's work at Cambridge University. He has used Manduca sexta moths (and giant Manduca models--see photo with article) to find out how insects fly. The article, from New Scientist, is by Martin Brookes. Three related scientific articles published in the Journal for Experimental Biology are available on-line: 1, 2, 3 (abstracts are free; full text is available only to subscribers).

The Journal of Experimental Biology

Try a search using "Manduca sexta" as the key terms. Articles from the previous two years are available as abstract-only; previous articles, back to 1994, are available in full text. Articles are astonishingly wide-ranging; many different aspects of M. sexta's biology are being actively studied.

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March 1999