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We have pulled together several categories of links to provide a wide range of starting points for further investigation. If you know of other sites we should link, please let Sarah Deel ( know.

Diagrams, general life cycle information, and additional lab experiments

This page is a great place to start. It contains basic information about arthropods, specific details about M. sexta (including a lab handout with experiments on growth rate, feeding, circadian cycle, and metabolic rate), references (on- and off-line), and diagrams illustrating life cycle, sex differences, and anatomy of each life cycle stage. This page is part of Dr. Elizabeth Walsh's Organismal Biology Lab site at the University of Texas, El Paso.

Photos of hornworms, pupae, and moths

This page has several photos, plus a great selection of links to other M. sexta images on the web. This page is part of a site maintained by Jan Dolzer.

Hornworm, pupa, moth photo and info

This is a photo of a moth, pupa, and caterpillar on the same leaf; it also has a short description of the organism. The site is maintained by Dr. Richard Vogt.

Hornworm, pupa, and moth drawings and info

This site has black and white drawings of M. sexta and a congener (the tomato hornworm) with a brief description of their biology.  This site is a cooperative effort of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service and the NSF Center for Integrated Pest Management located at North Carolina State University.

Moth photo and info

This site has a large photo of the moth, a short description of its biology and distribution, and a list of its pheremones which have been studied. It is from the "Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of the French Antilles," from Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique of France.

Moth photos

This site has two small photos of the moth and a list of pheremones. It is part of "The Pherolist" site, which is a database of the sex pheremones of female moths.

Moth photos--flight, proboscis

This site has several photos of flying moths, some with the proboscis (very long feeding structure) of the moth extended. It is a page in "Wayne's Word," a "Newsletter of Natural History Trivia" edited by Wayne Armstrong of Palomar College.

Moth photo and range in US

This site has a photo of the moth, a photo of the hornworm, some basic background on the organism, a list of references, and a map of its distribution throughout the US by county.  The site is maintained by the Northern Prairie Science Center.

Hornworm photo

This site has a large photo of the tobacco hornworm on a tobacco stem. It is from the North Carolina Cooperative Extensions Service, North Carolina State University.

Hornworm photo and info

This site has a photo of a large hornworm on the vein of a leaf, along with a short description of its lifestyle. It is from Clemson University's Entomology Department.

Braconid parasites on a hornworm

This links to an interesting photo showing a parasite (Braconid wasp) that lives on the tobacco hornworm. It is from Clemson University's Entomology Department.

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