Ponerinae: key to genera couplet 1
Key: modified from Wheeler & Wheeler (1986), Hölldobler & Wilson (1990), Bolton (1994)
Taxa remaining


Figure 105. Ponerinae: Amblyopone cf. australis

Figure 106 . Ponerinae: Ponera pennsylvanicus

1.Petiole broadly attached to first gastral segment, the two separated only by a constriction, petiole without a free posterior face (Fig.105); anterior margin of clypeus lined with numerous denticles; mandible with a row of coarse bidenticulate teeth.
(one species, Amblyopone pallipes, collected in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Wisconsin)
    Petiole narrowly attached to first gastral segment, the two joined via a slender articulatory junction, petiole with a free posterior face (Fig. 106); ventral margin of clypeus not lined with denticles; mandibular teeth (when present) single. ...2.

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