Myrmicinae: key to genera couplet 6
Key: modified from Hölldobler & Wilson (1990), Bolton (1994)
Taxa remaining

Tribe Formicoxenini


Figures 68,69. Myrmicinae: Protomognathus americanus

Figures 70,71. Myrmicinae: Leptothorax ambiguus

6.Antennal scrobes present (Figs. 68,69); mandible with 0 or 4 teeth; anterior margin of clypeus concave medially.
(dulotic on Leptothorax spp.)
    Antennal scrobes absent (Figs. 70,71); mandible with 5 or 6 teeth; anterior margin of clypeus convex to indented medially. ...8..

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