Formicinae: key to genera couplet 6
Key: modified from Creighton (1950), Wheeler & Wheeler (1963), Hölldobler & Wilson (1990), Bolton (1994)
Taxa remaining

Tribe Lasiini:

Figure 41. Formicinae: Lasius neoniger

Figure 42. Formicinae: L. pallitarsis

Figure 43. Formicinae: Paratrechina parvula

Figure 44. Formicinae: Prenolepis imparis

6. Mandibles with at least 7 teeth (Fig. 41); antennal scapes passing the occipital border by no more than 2-3 times maximum diameter of the scape,usually less (Fig. 42). ...7.
    Mandibles with 5 or 6 teeth (Fig. 43); antennal scapes frequently passing the occipital border by 4 or 5 times the maximum diameter of the scape or more (Fig. 44). ...8.

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