Formicidae: key to subfamilies, couplet 3
Key: modified from Creighton (1950), Wheeler & Wheeler (1963), Hölldobler & Wilson (1990), Bolton (1994)
Taxa remaining


Figure 9.Formicinae: Lasius umbratus

Figure 10.Formicinae: Acanthomyops interjectus

Figure 11 and 12.Dolichoderinae: Tapinoma sessile

3. Cloacal orifice circular, terminal and usually surrounded by a fringe of hairs (acidopore) (Figs. 9,10).
(collected in all Midwestern states)
    Cloacal orifice ventral and slit-like; hairs, when present not forming an encircling fringe (no acidopore) (Figs. 11,12).
(collected in all Midwestern states)

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