Ant distribution in the Midwest, subfamily Ecitoninae

Neivamyrmex Borgmeier

N. carolinensis (Emery)

KS (Cheyenne, Pottawatomie, Wallace)

N. fallax Borgmeier

KS (Cowley)

N. fuscipennis Smith species known from males only

KS (Stevens)

N. minor (Cresson) species known from males only

KS (Barber, Meade, Morton, Stanton, Stevens)

N. nigrescens (Cresson)

IA (=Eciton (Neivamyrmex) nigrescens; Harrison, Woodbury)

IL (Pulaskim Union)

IN (no locality)

KS (Atchinson, Comanche, Douglas, Jefferson, Johnson, Labette, Marshall, Riley, Sedgwick, Shawnee, Washington, Woodson)

N. opacithorax (Emery)

IA (=Eciton (Neivamyrmex) opacithorax; Mills)

KS (Douglas, Elk, Labette, Morris, Riley, Wilson)

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