Research Interests

Evolution and reproductive biology of vertebrates. Development, endocrinology, function, and evolution of sexually dimorphic traits (in the broad sense). Specifically, Prof. Rand is interested in the proximate (physiological mechanisms) and ultimate causes (selective pressures) of naturally and sexually selected dimorphic characters. We are currently involved in research concerning the neural mechanisms underlying the differences in male and female reproductive behavior.

Research in Progress

  • Influence of opioids on the reproductive behavior of Cnemidophorus velox.
  • Distribution of AVT-ir neurons in the brains of Cnemidophorus velox and Anolis carolinensis.
  • Sex steroid-induced changes in AVT-ir neurons in Cnemidophorus velox.
  • Sex steroid-induced changes in distribution of tyrosine hydroxylase-ir neurons in a sexual and an asexual species of Cnemidophorus.