Tropical Rainforest Ecology, 1998-1999


Group Projects

Distribution and interaction of Paraponera clavata and Atta cephalotes at La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica. Ingrid A. Anderson, Alexander E. Primus, Joanna Reuter, Sean T. Sturges, and Kirstin L.Whitmore. Abstract.

Edge effects at La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica. Megan M. Burns, John E. Hassett, Jessica T. Heacock, Susan G. Letcher, and Michael A. Mandell.

The distribution and abundance of the strawberry poison dart frog (Dendrobates pumilio) and its reproductive resources: variation across forest habitats. Christopher W. Harbison, Julia L. Michalak, Jonathan W. Moore, Maurine B. Neiman, and Carey N. Sydney. Abstract.


Individual Projects

Effect of different light environments on the height of phase change in the climbing tropical vine, Monstera tenuis. Ingrid A. Anderson. Abstract.

The herbivory of red and green leaves of Myriocarpa longipes. Megan M. Burns. Abstract.

Mate-guarding in the neotropical millipede Nyssodesmus python. Christopher W. Harbison. Abstract.

Butterfly predation damage: Exploring a potential quantifier of predation intensity on adult Lepidoptera. John E. Hassett. Abstract.

The function of driptips in the family Melastomataceae. Jessica T. Heacock. Abstact.

The effects of soil type on patterns of seed set in a neotropical leguminous tree, Pentaclethra macroloba (Fabaceae). Susan G. Letcher. Abstract.

Pollen resource availability, hummingbird visitation rates, and their implications for Heliconia fitness. Michael A. Mandell. Abstract.

The effect of temperature and rainfall on frog chorus attendance and calling behavior in a neotropical assemblage. Julia L. Michalak. Abstract.

Spatial distribution, predation, and ecological impact of ant lion larvae. Jonathan W. Moore. Abstract.

The impact of nectar limitation in the shrub Hamelia patens on territorial behavior in the rufous-tailed hummingbird (Amazila tzacatl). Maurine B. Neiman. Abstract.

Intraspecific variation in nectar robbery of Hamelia patens. Alexander E. Primus. Abstract.

A crash course in La Selva's Geographic Information System. Joanna Reuter. Abstract.

The effect of Atta cephalotes on the compaction and porosity of alluvial and residual soils in a tropical lowland rainforest. Sean T. Sturges. Abstract.

A phyllotaxical and ecological examination of Costus malortienaus. Carey N. Sydney. Abstract.

The reproductive success of Pentaclethra macroloba in residual, alluvial, and swamp soils. Kirstin L. Whitmore. Abstract.