Can you guess what this Dinosaur eats?

Look at the teeth in the pictures and make some guesses about their past owners. What would a dinosaur be able to eat with such teeth? Is it more likely to go for meat or veggies? Chew its food or just rip out a chunk and gulp it down?

Then click on the name of the dinosaur to see its picture.

Does it looked like what you expected from the teeth?

Which of these three guys is most likely to chew its food well? Why?
diplodocus plateosaurus stegosaurus
A lot of useful and interesting information on dinosaurs can be found at the Enchanted Learning site. There are diagrams of the teeth of all the dinosaurs mentioned in this activity. The diagrams and the relevant information can be printed and given to students as a handout.
One source of dinosaur fossil teeth is the Fossil Shop, which has kindly allowed us to use their pictures of teeth. The teeth can also be made, perhaps as a part of fossil making project with the techniques mentioned in the Casts and Molds project on this web site.
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