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Follow this link to a very fun web page which will help you get ready for lab this week: My DNA Discovery Modules. You will need to have the Shockwave Plug-In on your computer to use this page.

If you would like another fun web site, try out this virtual lab called Gel Electrophoresis, from the Genetics Science Learning Center at the University of Utah. You will need to have the Macromedia Flash plug-in on your computer for this one.

Key to the Practice Dilution Problems on p. 3-9 of the lab manual. This file is in Adobe Acrobat "pdf" format. This will make it easy to print out, but you must have the Acrobat Reader (downloadable free) on your computer. The computers in the public labs should already have Acrobat Reader installed: check with a SCIC worker if you have questions.



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