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Welcome to Biology 125: Genes, Evolution, and Development. As the term progresses, we will keep the web pages updated with current announcements, links and class resources.

Mark McKone and Stephan Zweifel are teaching the course this term (Winter 2006). Student Prefects for the lecture portion of the course are Rika Anderson and Greg Haman. Student TAs for the course labs are Ellie Hill, Mark Luterra, Sara Ganaha, Adipong Brickshawana, and Alex Forde.

To contact any of the people above, members of the Carleton community can use the Carleton Directory Services search page to find email addresses and phone numbers.

9 January 2006:

The prefect session schedule this term is listed below. Watch for emails announcing any changes or additions to the schedule.

Tuesday, 8 pm in Olin 04 (Rika)
Wednesday, 7 pm in Olin 101 (Greg)
Thursday, 9 pm in Olin 101 (Greg)
Sunday, 8 pm in Olin 04 (Rika)

2 January 2006:

If you are interested in taking Bio 125 this term but are not registered, the class is full with a wait list. We suggest you attend class on the first day; usually a few people are able to add the course. Please contact Sarah Deel with any questions.



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